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rhyming free how to rhyme printables

Rhyming is one of the very first literacy skills I teach my students. For some, it comes easily and they master rhyming within a couple days. For other students, it takes them much longer and I have to use a variety of resources for them to get it.

I am sharing some FREEBIES from my Rhyming Bundle, as well as other resources and ideas that I use. I hope you love them as much as we do!

free rhyming cards

It is not easy for some students to hear sock/block and think, “Oh, they sound the same… so they rhyme!” Rhyming can be especially tricky for my ELLs.

Over the years I have come with with a big bag of tricks that I am excited to share with you! Rhyming really can be fun, and it is the perfect way to start your teaching your kiddos phonemic awareness when they start the school year.

I love to start with songs and real pictures (or even objects!)

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 2.08.07 PM.png

Have you heard of Raffi? Willoughby Wallaby Woo is always a kinder crowd favorite.

Of course they love it because after we sing the song a few times and they get the tune, we then make our own version with their names!

I have to get a little creative with some of my kids’ names to find some that rhymes with them, but the kids absolutely LOVE this activity and beg me to play it every day. I think they love the rhyming part, but they especially enjoy hearing their own name being part of the song.

Another favorite rhyming activity we do is Dr. Jean’s Scat the Cat.

It is perfect for the beginning of the school year because it incorporates rhyming, colors, sequencing and retelling.

My kids love the repeating part that goes, “I’m Scat the Cat and I’m sassy and fat! I can change colors just like that!”

Plus, I love the YouTube video where Dr. Jean reads the story because it gives my poor voice a break (anyone else get tired of talking those first few weeks of school?) She has a link under the video where you can download printables to go with the story (picture shown courtesy of her website.)

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 2.06.29 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 2.22.21 PM.png

One of my absolute favorite books to teach rhyming is The Gruffalo. We usually end up reading it a couple times because the kids like it so much, and there is a cute video that goes along with it HERE

I made a fun little printable for the kids to complete about the Gruffalo. You can grab it for FREE CLICK HERE

After we sing a few songs, read The Gruffalo and practice a few nursery rhymes, we dive into identifying rhymes.

This is where the magic happens!

rhyming picture cards free
kindergarten rhyming pocket chart printable cards

I think it is important to use both real pictures as well as graphics/clipart pictures. These cards are perfect for pocket charts, whole group games, small group instruction, literacy centers and even 1:1 assessments.

rhyming picture cards real life pocket chart printable
printable rhyming picture cards for a pocket chart

I created 30 cards with real images and 60 cards with the graphics so students get a lot of practice with these!

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 5.35.25 PM.png

These cards really build their vocabulary and builds a great foundation for our rhyming unit.

rhyming game kindergarten
preschool rhyming game

I display these slides on the front white board (from my computer) so we can play a whole group game. I show the first slide and we discuss and vote which one doesn’t rhyme. I flip to the next slide and it is like a gameshow… it will tell them the answer! The kids think this is so fun and it is easy to keep them engaged. The slides also have both real pictures and graphics to mix it up.

After this, I feel like students are ready to move on to more independent activities and worksheets for practice.

printable rhyming book student literacy center free
make a rhyme time book printable kindergarten classroom
free kindergarten rhyming activities

My Rhyming Bundle has tons of no prep activities and worksheets to choose from, but I like to start with the I Can Rhyme Books shown to the left.

Each student gets a mini book, and they cut and paste the two rhyming pictures/words on each page. They can then color the pictures and “read” their books to a partner. Too cute!

Next, we move on to the included worksheets. They are all very simple and straightforward so kinders can be successful at the beginning of the school year. These all practice phonemic awareness as no words are used - only pictures.

Super simple and straightforward and the students feel successful!

Multiple pages of these activities are included, so students get a lot of practice and exposure to rhyming words.

rhyming worksheet
which one doesn't rhyme worksheet coloring page
rhyming matching

Students appreciate the repetitive exposure to the same format, and you will like that you do not have to explain directions each time!

free matching rhyming words preschool kindergarten prep-k
color and rhyme free activity
Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 6.11.32 AM.png
cut and paste rhyming words

Try one of these worksheets for FREE CLICK HERE

Ready for these adorable, hands-on rhyming centers and activities?!

free rhyming centers for kindergarten back to school
free rhyming books

The kiddos love the cut and paste matching, rhyming rainbows, rhyming puzzles, rhyming flip books and rhyming quilts! Remember what I said about repeated exposure and lots of practice? This Rhyming Bundle comes with everything you need… all the planning is done for you!

rhyming rainbows
rhyming flip book free printable literacy center
rhyming match

Try a flip book for FREE!

free rhyming books kindergarten preschool

Ready to get started? Save big with the BUNDLE!

This kit even comes with pre and post assessments to help you track student data.

kindergarten rhyming bundle


“I love your units!!!!”

“There are so many resources to use with my Kinders! I can't wait to begin the next school year with these!”

“Love the layout of your packs. Can't wait to dig into this next year!”

“This resource is awesome.”

“Just what I've been waiting for to enhance my rhyming center.”



★ Pre and Post Assessments

Only pictures are included so these are perfect for primary students.

★I Can Rhyme Books

Students cut, paste and color the two rhyming pictures on each page to make their own book.

★Rhyming Worksheets

(4) Cross off the picture that does not rhyme

(6) I Can Match and Rhyme

(3) I Can Color and Rhyme

★Rhyming Cut and Paste

10 sets included, plus a DIY page for students to create their own rhymes and trade with a partner to complete.

★Rainbow Rhymes

An adorable, hands-on center. Simply print, laminate (optional) and students match the rainbows that rhyme.

★Rhyming Puzzles

Students match these self-correcting rhyming puzzles.

★Rhyming Picture Cards

30 real life pictures and 60 graphic pictures are included! Perfect for whole group lessons, for charts, small groups, literacy centers or these also work well for 1:1 assessments.

★Rhyming Quilts

These adorable "quilts" come in both color and BW. I laminate the color ones for a center, and students simply make their quilt by matching the rhyming pictures. You can use the BW version for a cut/paste activity.

★Which One Doesn't Rhyme?

I project this on to my front board and we use it as a game with students. The first PDF slide asks, "Which one doesn't rhyme?" Students must look at all three pictures and we vote which one it is. Then the next slide gives the answer. This game comes with both real life pictures and graphics. You could also use these slides as an assessment tool.

★Rhyming Flip Books

These come in both color and black and white. Students have fun making flip books with rhyming words.

So many activities for your rhyming unit! This all in one kit is all you need for your students to have fun and be successful with rhyming words.


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